Basbalo Europe 2016コンテンツ紹介/Contents of Basbalo

 現在販売中のBasbalo Europe 2016。その収録コンテンツと概要を簡単にですがご紹介いたします。














 2015年3月、東京ドームで開催された日欧野球(ひかりTV 4K Global Baseball Match)は、欧州球界にとって文字通りエポックメイキングなものとなりました。開催が決まった経緯について解説するとともに、2度の激闘を振り返ります。


 Now, please let us make the brief introduction of Basbalo Europe 2016.

1. Introduction of European baseball

 Member nations of CEB is introduced and compared with the other associations like BFA (Baseball Federation of Asia) and COPABE (Confederacion Panamericana de Beisbol) to show how large the whole federation is. Nowadays of baseball in the Netherlands and Italy, which is recognised as the continent's best is also introduced here.

2. Difference of the league regulation between Japan and Europe

 There are some huge difference of the league system between Japanese baseball and European baseball. We are comparing the both, and also introducing the promotion & relagation system, which is a special feature of European baseball. Also, difficulty for Japanese players to make a challenge in Europe is also indicated. Can you guess it?

3.European player development system is incorporated from football

 There's also a huge difference of the structures of the clubs between Japan and Europe as well. It's effective for the development of players at the youth/junior youth generations.

4. International tournaments

 This part is divided into two sections; tournaments held by CEB as part 1, and other tournaments as part 2. Final standings of the latest tournaments are also shown here.

5. How Europeans has played at the world stage

 Histories of the Europeans in World Baseball Classic, defunct IBAF World cup, summer Olympics and WBSC Premier 12 are introduced here.

6. Japan vs Europeans, how they played

 Team Japan and European national teams has played against each other so many times. So how was the result? We introduce it on this page. Box scores are also shown here as far as possible.

7. Global Baseball Match, the legendary

 The Global Baseball Match, held at Tokyo Dome in March 2015 was surely an epoch-making event for the whole European community. How was it planned and played?

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私たちは、「野球を世界的に盛り上げていくために自分たちが何ができるか」を考え、行動する者たちの集まりです。We are a Japanese taskforce to work for the globalisation of baseball.


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