NO BORDERZ BASEBALL公式Instagram開設のお知らせ/Official Instagram account has been launched

 NO BORDERZ BASEBALLではこの度、新たに団体公式Instagram アカウントをオープンいたしました。SNSの開設は、TwitterとFacebookに続き3つ目となります。



 We NO BORDERZ BASEBALL has launched our brand new official Instagram account, which is the third SNS next to Twitter and Facebook.

 Now, we are getting ready to start the sales of European merchandise at our official online store (, including the French champion Rouen Huskies. Also, advertisement of Basbalo series will be featured at Daily Sports Online, the digital edition of one of the most popular sports newspaper in Kansai region during this August. Therefore, the sales activity of Basbalo, which starts the package deal, will be also strengthened during this period.

 Our official Instagram will be utilised for spreading the charm of international baseball world by dispatching the pictures of our merchandise and connecting with the users. Currently we don't have much posts because it has just begun, but we hope that we can increase the variation. Thank you very much!

NO BORDERZ BASEBALL Official website

私たちは、「野球を世界的に盛り上げていくために自分たちが何ができるか」を考え、行動する者たちの集まりです。We are a Japanese taskforce to work for the globalisation of baseball.


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