Basbaloオランダ・ベルギー編、製本版発売開始!!/Basbalo Dutch/Belgian edition (printed version) is revealed!!

 グローバルベースボールではこのたび、先に電子版を発売していた「Basbalo Nederlands & Belgie/ Belgique 2017」の、製本版の販売を開始いたしました。


 Global Baseball has now started the sales of the "Basbalo Nederlands & Belgie/Belgique 2017 (printed ver.)" on our website. Digital version was already on sale.

 This time, it will be sold with the price of 1,620 JPY which is the same price as the printed version of Basbalo Europe 2016; Digital version is sold with 1,080, but contents are all the same. You can make access to the shop page from here ( or This time, sales is limited to 42 copies, so please make sure to purchase is earlier as possible if you're interested in it!

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